Appeal and demands of Khori Gaon residents

We demand –

Since no survey was conducted before the demolition, every resident of Khori Gaon should be given complete rehabilitation, and the restrictive eligibility criteria should be changed to include identity cards of any state. Rehabilitation should include facilities like water, electricity, sanitation, access to adequate health care, education, and transport, in consonance with ensuring human dignity of life as enshrined in Article 21 of the constitution.

Full compensation to every family of Khori Gaon till the time the rehabilitation flats are not habitable. Those residents who lost their livelihoods and were beaten and mistreated during the forceful demolition of their homes should be paid further compensation for the violations of their human rights.

All residents should be enrolled under the National Food Security Act and provided a ration card. Further, they should also be enrolled under applicable social welfare schemes and policies, including old age pension, widow pension, and disability pension, and the government must ensure registration under applicable laws such as those for construction workers, migrant workers, informal sector workers etc.

The other high-end developments, like hotels, farmhouses and institutions on PLPA land, should be treated the same way as Khori Gaon and other informal settlements; they should be demolished simultaneously. If the central government is thinking of legalising the farmhouses, then they would have to implement a plan to rehabilitate all uprooted Khori Gaon residents in Khori Gaon itself.