Podcast 4: Vinod Singh’s story (विनोद सिंह की कहानी)

विनोद सिंह उनका प्रतिनिधित्व करते हैं, जिनके घर तोड़ने पर सरकार ने मदद की बात कही। सरकार की मदद गायब और अपने ही बनाए घरों की ईटे बेचकर जिंदगी गुजारा करते रहे। मगर कब तक?

Vinod Singh represents those from his community who have been forced to sell bricks from their broken houses to make ends meet. Seven months after demolition, he still waits for compensation, rehabilitation as promised by the government.

The podcast series brings to you stories from the ground. Each podcast focuses on a person’s journey, why they moved to Khori Gaon and how the demolition has affected them. These have been collected and curated by the residents of Khori Gaon, who are also members of Team Saathi.

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