Podcast 3: Bina Raani’s story (बीना रानी की कहानी)

यह कहानी है एक महिला मजदूर की है । बीमारी और पति के छोड़ जाने के बाद 4 बच्चों के साथ, जिसने किराये से बचने के लिए किसी तरह एक घर बनाया। जिसे तोड़ दिया गया।

Bina, a single mother of four children, is an informal worker. After her husband left her and the children, she had to endure much hardship to buy a plot in Khori Gaon. However, the government stole this ray of new life and hope from her when they demolished her house.

The podcast series brings to you stories from the ground. Each podcast focuses on a person’s journey, why they moved to Khori Gaon and how the demolition has affected them. These have been collected and curated by the residents of Khori Gaon, who are also members of Team Saathi.