Plunder of the Aravallis: Bandhwari village and its garbage mountain of maladies

By Ayush Tiwari& Basant Kumar, Newslaundry

Shambhavi Thakur

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Today, the Bandhwari landfill is spread over 30 acres and stands 40 metres tall. (That makes the landfill bigger than the 38-foot tall statue of Christ the Redeemer that towers over Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.) The landfill site receives 2,000 metric tonnes of fresh waste from Gurugram and Faridabad daily. For residents of Bandhwari, this means contaminated water, widespread disease and no help from the administration despite the MCG assuring the National Green Tribunal that it would stop dumping fresh waste at Bandhwari as part of an “action plan”.

On April 7, 2021, the NGT had said, “The Tribunal has been monitoring the remedial action by the Municipal Corporation, Gurgaon in the last more than five years and has repeatedly found failure of

In addition to ignoring the complaints of the villagers, this adamant denial suggests a worrying disinclination to work towards improving the terrible living conditions in Bandhwari.

During the NGT hearing, chairperson Justice Adarsh ​​Kumar Goel had warned that if the tribunal’s orders were not followed, “strict steps will be taken and even the salaries of the corporation officers can be withheld”.

Perhaps the threat of salaries being suspended will eventually open the eyes of municipal officers to the plight of breathing foul air, spending hundreds of rupees for uncontaminated water and living in fear of disease.