In Haryana’s Aravallis, BJP and Congress netas bulldoze the law

The Aravallis are an ecological treasure trove but forest cover is shrinking. Among those encroaching upon land is a former environment minister.

By Ayush Tiwari & Basant Kumar, Newslaundry

Shambhavi Thakur

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The story of the politicians’ attitude to the Aravallis is one of abuse of power, but we tend to overlook such transgressions because crimes like encroachment are usually considered minor. Despite mountains of scientific evidence to show how climate change negatively impacts everything from the average temperature to water levels and agriculture, the prevailing attitude seems to be to ignore the problem and instead encourage practises that exacerbate the climate crises.

The dilemma is conventionally framed as a choice between preserving the environment and encouraging development, but these politicians’ cases suggest that in Haryana, the contest is between individual greed and the greater good.