Municipal Corporation, Faridabad has to open its regional offices near Haryana Delhi Border and reopen the e-portal.

The second important round of the CHHITHI ANDOLAN (letter movement) initiated by Team Saathi, Khori Gaon is underway. The second round started on 28th November. The youth of Team Saathi went from place to place and informed the residents of Khori Gaon about the Supreme Court’s order. Till now, the youth members have spoken to thousands of residents during the letter movement. It came to our notice that no one has received financial assistance of 2000 ₹ .

During the letter movement, letters signed by hundreds of people were sent to the Municipal Corporation, Faridabad, by email. The residents demanded in their letter that the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad should open its regional offices at Chungi no. 3, Chungi no. 2 at Haryana – Delhi and re-open the e-portal.

After the demolition of Khori Gaon, the situation of the people has been getting worse day by day. They have received no solatium i.e. financial assistance of any kind, to date. As of November 15, more than 5000 people had applied for flats in Dabua Colony. While many applications have been rejected, some were also accepted. However, Dabua Colony is still not habitable. There is no water, electricity and sewage facility of any kind. The roads leading to the houses are filled with garbage and dirt. The rooms are broken and dilapidated. Doors & windows are missing. The houses are in condition to be inhabited and will not be ready for the next several months.

People demanded that they immediately open their regional offices at Chungi No. 3, Chungi No. 2, Haryana-Delhi border so that they can submit their letters for solatium i.e. financial assistance. Though ₹2000 is a very small amount, people are desperate and in great need of any help.

Another important issue is the re-opening of the e-portal:

Many people have not been able to submit their application till 15th November via the e-portal. Most residents of Khori Gaon are working-class and informal workers who are mostly illiterate. They were unable to submit their application on the e-portal due to a lack of information and lack of understanding. Those who were able to fill often made mistakes while filling the e-portal. Hence there is a great need to re-open and allow the residents to edit their application forms to rectify those mistakes.

The aim of the letter movement is that the residents of Khori Gaon can convey their demands to the government. It also acts as a gathering where Team Saathi can inform the people about the Supreme Court orders and hear their ideas and grievances. Not everyone filled the form on the e-portal for flats in Dabua Colony, but since the government demolished their houses in Khori Gaon, they are entitled to get the minimum financial assistance (solatium) of ₹ 2000.

We want to end by reminding the Haryana Government that they should open their regional offices at Chungi No. 3, Chungi No. 2, near Haryana Delhi border, Municipal Corporation, Faridabad, and re-open the e-portal. This is our demand and our right.

Team Saathi

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