Lives destroyed, dreams shattered …

17 July 2021

More than 300 houses were demolished by the end of July 14, and the residents who were rendered homeless spent the night exposed to the weather conditions without a roof. No alternative housing or even a temporary transit camp was not created for them. Due to the police blockades and section 144, no aid could be distributed to them the first night. The next day, on July 15, when the residents tried blocking the entry and exit points of the basti, police resorted to lathi-charge to disperse the crowd and, in the process, injured more than 10 people; many of them were women. According to estimates by residents and journalists, around 600 houses were destroyed by evening. July 16, was one of the worst days as close to 1500 houses were destroyed. The debris from the demolition drive was so much that the next day, July 17, was spent by the police collecting it and removing it from their path so that they could continue with the demolitions the next day.

All photos by Vishakha Chaman