Condition of Dabua colony after rains

10 October 2022

Outdoor area

  • Waterlogging during rains is a major issue. The photos shared in the last few days show the situation in the outdoor areas. Residents have highlighted many times that the ground surface has not been levelled, and the drainage slopes have not been done properly, evident from how water is collecting everywhere.
  • The sewers have also not been cleaned, which then overflows, leading to the mixing of dirty and contaminated water with the water that has collected on the ground. This water has entered the homes of those living on the ground floor.
  • The presence of obstructions on the ground. These are especially dangerous during rains when the area floods. When water collects, it is difficult to judge the ground level, leading to accidents. Additionally, at other times, the height of the obstructions makes it very difficult for vehicles to enter the lanes, thereby making it impossible for fire trucks or ambulances to enter during emergencies.
  • Lack of proper sewage disposal systems and clogged sewers have led to sewage overflow onto the ground surface.

Condition of buildings and flats

  • Tiles on the facade of the buildings are falling off. Chajjas (window protection cantilevers) are broken in many places.
  • Sanitary fixtures like toilet seats and drainage traps (nanhi trap jail) are missing.
  • Missing soil and drainage pipes in buildings.
  • Doors and windows are missing in many flats
  • While the electricity connection was not there from the start, MCF has also stopped the provision of new electricity meters and connections, citing their inability to control the cases of theft.
  • Electrical wires have been left exposed in many places, and in the rains, this can lead to serious accidents.
  • There is no water provision to date. Work on the provision of a borewell connection stopped after a few hours of work on the day the photograph was sent.
  • Due to leakage from the ceiling and walls, the upper floors of most of the blocks have become unliveable. Water keeps dripping from the ceiling continuously during the rains.