Where will Khori Gaon residents go?

The main reason people have continued to stay in Khori Gaon is that THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION. They have not been given any compensation, no temporary accommodation, and the rehabilitation flats are unliveable. Most of the residents find themselves erased from the list of eligible applicants.

Khori Gaon residents have repeatedly been asking –

Where will we go? Is there no space for us in this city? Are we not humans?

Poverty and lack of affordable housing were why they had bought plots in Khori Gaon in the first place. After the forced eviction, the government has further increased this problem and pushed multiple generations into poverty. Now they are living hand to mouth. If there are repeated demolitions, violence and instances of arson, they will not survive. Have we forgotten the pandemic is still going on?

Is there no justice for the poor?