Letter movement initiated by Khori Gaon residents to demand answers from the government

Press Release 22 November 2021

This is not just a letter, but a question that has to be answered

Team Saathi started the CHHITHI ANDOLAN (letter movement) today near Khori Gaon, Delhi border. Till now, the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad, Haryana, did not provide any basic facilities to the people after the demolition of Khori Gaon; hence we have started this peaceful movement.

They have repeatedly told the Supreme Court that they made all arrangements for the people. They had claimed the provision of accommodation and food for the people of Khori Gaon. However, the ground reality is entirely different. We had revealed this in our report prepared through investigation by visiting the Radha Swami Satsang venue.

More than tens of thousands of houses were demolished by making allegations that “Khori Gaon residents were living on occupied forest land.” The number of houses mentioned by the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad in the Supreme Court was 6,663. Regrettably, these numbers were based on a drone survey, and no on-ground verification was done.

Even after people’s lives have been completely devastated and pushed into extreme poverty by at least 20 years, the Municipal Corporation is now trying to sell Dabua Colony flats to them. The sad reality is that the flats built-in 2007 are being repaired at the cost of ₹ 71000 per flat, which is being recovered from the residents whose houses were demolished. And none of the destitute people received any support or financial help from the government till now.

The situation is so dire that people have no money to rent rooms and hence have started living without a roof. They have no money for rent or food.

The suffering and pain the residents have been put through should be highlighted. As the Supreme Court had suggested that grievances should be brought to the notice of the Municipal Corporation hence, we have started this letter movement. With the help of Team Saathi youngsters, around 140 letters were written by people in 3 hours. However, this was more than drafting a letter. Through the letter writing process, different issues and problems were highlighted. People had many questions and doubts, all of which were addressed in the open forum. During this question-answer session, a lot of things became clear both to the residents and Team Saathi.

These letters have been sent to the Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Faridabad, through email immediately after drafting them. Team Saathi has taken the responsibility that they will continue this letter writing process.

Municipal Corporation Faridabad, Haryana Government, cannot escape without answering the questions raised by the residents of Khori Gaon whose houses were demolished as per the Punjab Land Preservation Act (PLPA) 1900. If the government plans to change the PLPA now, then they have to answer under which law was Khori Gaon demolished?  We won’t stop asking questions. We need answers. People of Khori Gaon demand their right to housing.

Team Saathi

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