Khori Village: Demolitions Continue Unabated, Residents Call Rehabilitation Policy a Cruel Joke

As people continue to be evicted from their homes in the midst of a global pandemic, the Haryana government has announced homes for those with annual incomes up to Rs 3 lakh but no arrangement has been made yet and residents are to be paid a meagre Rs 2,000 per month for rent.

By Sumedha Pal, NewsClick

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Speaking with NewsClick, Rameena* who was allegedly injured in the lathicharge on Thursday, said, “The courts, the state government and the forces have shown no empathy in removing us so mercilessly from our homes. Moreover, brutal force is being used against us since the verdict came out. I was left injured and fainted as a JCB nearly rolled over me.” 

Talking about the rehabilitation policy, Shadab*, who worked as a carpenter prior to the pandemic, said, “The rehabilitation policy is a cruel joke on all our faces. We had sold off everything to come and live here. But they have broken our spirit and our every hope to get justice. My house is next in line to be broken down and I have no property, no other home or alternative centre to go to.”

Notably, just a day prior to the demolition, a rehabilitation plan, ‘Policy for Rehabilitation of Khori Jhuggi Dwellers’, was made public by the Haryana government, which states that residents will get alternative housing. However, the conditions laid down by the plan seem impossible to achieve, the residents allege.