Khori Demolition: Residents Appeal SC to Widen Eligibility Criteria for Rehabilitation

Evicted residents of Khori are still in limbo as they try to claim stake to alternative housing while the Supreme Court questions state government over the process.

By Sumedha Pal, NewsClick

Image courtesy: Live Law

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Speaking to NewsClick, Activist Vimal Bhai, who has been working with the communities on the ground, explained the legal development. He said, “The eligibility criteria for rehabilitation had been made severely restricted to ensure a limited number of people could only claim housing under the rehabilitation policy, we pointed out that since the policy has been drafted under the Prime Minister’s housing policy, similar eligibility criteria need to be accepted.” He further said, “There are three issues at play here, first being the issue of there being no survey, then the demolition, and the third and the most important one is the eligibility issue; here, the government is asking for electricity bill by the state, which the residents could not show as it was forest land and there were no records of electricity. As far as the family’s ID card is concerned, people do not have that either since the policy has come in only recently. There is an effort to restrict rehabilitation.” 

Only 2,000 flats are up for grabs, out of which more than 200 flats have already been allocated to other people. This leaves little room for a large number of Khori residents.