Khori Gaon: A Month Since Demolition, Rehab Policy in Limbo as Residents Struggle for Survival

As residents come to terms with the violation of their rights, the MCF has set up camps in the Radha Soami Satsang premises to keep a record of those making claims for rehabilitation. However, its role remains unclear.

By Sumedha Pal, NewsClick

Residents wait for assistance from the government. No temporary shelter, no compensation has been provided to date.

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Earlier, just a day prior to the demolition, a rehabilitation plan, ‘Policy for Rehabilitation of Khori Jhuggi Dwellers’, was made public by the Haryana government, which stated that residents will get alternative housing. The conditions stated that those with an annual income of up to Rs three lakh would be considered for an allotment. The plan also stated that the name of the head of the family needed to be registered in the voter list of Badkhal Assembly constituency of Haryana as on January 1, 2021; the head of the family is also required to have an identity card issued by the state of Haryana as on January 1, 2021. Another condition mandated that the family had an electricity collection issued by the Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN).

However, a month on, alternative accommodation has not been set up by the government yet. The residents were also promised Rs 2,000 a month for six months to rent a house somewhere else. As with other promises, this too stands broken.

“The camp set up by Radha Soami is not a transit camp or a rehabilitation camp. It comes when the policy of rehabilitation has still not been finalised by the state; the government is instead absolving itself of any responsibility of accommodation by simply diverting people to this camp. There is no privacy; no arrangements have been made nor is there the question of dignity within the camp. What we must ask is if the camp is a formal service provider to the government and if any formal agreement has been made with the camp?” lawyer Tripti Poddar said.