Comments on the draft Rehabilitation Plan for Khori Gaon

On 14 August, 2021, when Haryana government asked for suggestions on the draft rehabilitation policy we submitted this letter. In our cover letter we wrote –

August 14, 2021


The Additional Chief Secretary

Urban Local Bodies

Haryana Government

Dear Sir,

Re: Comments on the draft Rehabilitation Plan for Khori Gaon submitted to you by MCF

We are a group of academics and activists concerned with the demolition of Khori Gaon undertaken by the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad. The MCF has undertaken the process of eviction in the absence of a proper survey and rehabilitation plan to provide alternate affordable housing to those rendered homeless by the demolition. The lack of a proper rehabilitation policy has caused great deal of confusion and suffering to the residents of Khori Gaon, who have no other place to go after being made homeless in the middle of a pandemic.

The MCF released a draft Rehabilitation policy for Khori Gaon only after it started the demolition. But this was woefully inadequate for many reasons.  As per the orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court dated 23.07.2021 in SLP No. 7220-7221/ 2017 and connected matters, we submitted comments to the MCF so that the draft policy could be improved and made meaningful to the residents who were affected by the demolition. However the MCF did not take any comments on board to finalise the policy.

The MCF has stated in court that the policy is now to be finalised by the state government. Therefore we are writing to you regarding the inadequacies of the MCF’s policy and our recommendations to change the policy. Our comments on the MCF’s draft are attached with this letter for your kind consideration.

We hope you will accept our recommendations for a better rehabilitation policy for Khori Gaon and finalise a new policy at the earliest.