Khori Demolition: Residents Allegedly Lathi-Charged Again as Demolition Nears Completion

Residents alleged they were still being beaten up and that essential supplies and movement remain restricted in the area.

By Sumedha Pal, NewsClick

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Despite the ongoing demolitions, the residents said that instances of police brutality continue.“We have lost everything; we are still being beaten up. They have taken away our homes and are now even restricting our movement, throwing away our food and not letting us bring in our own supplies. So many people have attempted to kill themselves over these things. The worst sufferers are pregnant women, who are just lying out in the open,” said Rekha, a resident of Khori village.

ctivists alleged that relief workers were also being prevented from distributing food and water and that they were being threatened with arrests. Residents are even being prevented from going to a nearby medical store despite the fact that many have fallen sick from living out in the open during the Monsoon season amid the demolished ruins of their homes. Pregnant women are not being provided with a place to sit. The police has gone as far as to overturn containers in which food is being cooked for distribution.

For the past one month, the Haryana government has gone all out to ensure that the residents leave their dwellings and that protests are silenced. On June 11, many residents faced detention after sloganeering against the state government. On June 30, a mega panchayat was stalled and residents were lathi-charged for congregating and sharing their testimonies.