‘Left to Die’: As Rains Lash Delhi-NCR, Evicted Khori Residents Sleep in the Open

The residents said they had no food or drinking water supply and many have fallen sick. The Supreme Court had ordered the demolition on June 7 and given the municipal corporations until July 19 to finish the eviction exercise.

By Sumedha Pal, NewsClick

Image Courtesy: The Print

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“We have been left to die; I stood under a shed the entire night as it rained. I had no option but to bring my entire family to a clinic and seek shelter there. I am running a high fever, my children have not eaten and we have nowhere to go,” said Manju one of the villagers who lost her home on one of the first days of the drive.

Over the period, Khori’s residents have found themselves sleeping in autos, under plastic bags and temporary sheds.

“I was just waiting for the morning. I have spent all night getting drenched in the rain under a plastic cover on my back; all of our belongings are gone due to the demolition,” Pinky, another resident, told Newsclick while breaking down.