Letter to Haryana Govt regarding rehabilitation of all Khori Gaon residents before eviction and to stop police violence

15 July 2021


Manohar Lal Khattar

Chief Minister

Government of Haryana

Subject: Urgent attention regarding rehabilitation of all Khori Gaon residents before eviction and to stop police violence

Respected Sir,

We are writing to you to seek your urgent intervention in a matter that has already rendered many residents homeless and could lead to the eviction of over 10,000 families residing in Khori Gaon in the next few days.

As you are aware, on 7th June 2021, the Supreme Court passed orders to undertake evictions of Khori Gaon on the premise that it is located on forest land and is an encroachment. We understand the Court gave the state administration six weeks to comply with its orders; however, the Court also directed arranging rehabilitation for the residents. The Haryana government has adopted a heavy-handed approach by imposing section 144 from 16th June, continuous police presence and disrupting the resident’s access to water and electricity. During yesterday’s demolition drive, a large number of houses were demolished, leading to heavy destruction of property and livelihoods. Today, the police have continued with the demolition. These residents are being rendered homeless and they have nowhere else to go.  Since 2020, most of the residents have lost their jobs and have no savings due to the pandemic and the lockdown.

Sir, you have stated that those with Haryana identity cards or electricity bills are eligible for rehabilitation.On July 14, the administration also stated in a press conference that they have a proposal to rehabilitate eligible residents in EWS housing in the state. However, the government has started demolishing houses already. This will make it impossible to find out who is eligible for rehabilitation.

We urge you to intervene in this matter and order the administration under you to halt the demolitions with immediate effect. Please issue directions to the state administration to .

  • Conduct a systematic survey of Khori Gaon by a committee of experts.
  • Prepare a rehabilitation plan which is humane and socially just.
  • Provide compensation to those whose houses have been demolished and who were injured during the lathi charge.

The Khori Gaon basti requires a humane solution and the residents look to you to protect their rights to housing.


Ishita Chatterjee

Manju Menon

Vimal Bhai

Nilesh Kumar

On behalf of concerned citizens for Khori Gaon